Creative Solution for Creative Talent





Be Famus is a talent agency providing individuals and agencies opportunities to optimize skills and talent through talent marketing and media production.

Famus is a digital marketing tool for creatives, agencies, and individuals to hire, network, and connect through simple portfolio page for comprehensive use.



Famus Ground is a multi-functional space where local young artists and creators can exhibit, network, and perform their creative skills and talent.



Famus Company was founded in 2014 with the focus on creatives of the culture and creative industries to drive global mobility of creators and their contents for greater networking and economic visibility.

Our goal has been to experiment with the combination of digital platform and multicultural spaces to provide best fitting collaboration tool for advocating creative development among local artists.

Since founding the company, it has leveraged the diverse and thriving creative market of Korea to develop and fine tune the solutions and tools needed to thrive in the growing cultural and creative industries.


The cultural and creative industries (CCI) is comprised of emerging sectors that is fueling the global economy. According to studies by UNESCO, EY, and UN the creative economy a concept that combines creativity, culture, economics, and technology in a contemporary world dominated by media, images, texts, and symbols.

It is often referred to as orange economy that is fast growing and contribution to the global GDP is at 3% or 2,250 billion US Dollars and global employment of 1% of the world’s active population. By 2020, it is estimated that close to 50% of working population to contribute to the creative economy.